Selmer SeleS Axos vs. Mark VI: Which One Should You Get?

The legendary classic: Selmer Mark VI Alto


The Selmer Mark VI model needs no introduction: it’s the probably most famous and sought-after saxophone worldwide. It’s been used by many great players such as John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and Wayne Shorter. As these players began to inspire generations after generations of saxophone players, the Mark VI became part of the legacy. It is now one of the most popular choices for serious sax players, and the prices of vintage Mark VI saxophones continue to increase in value.

Good sound without compromise: Selmer SeleS Axos Alto

Selmer is known for making fantastic saxophones, but the one thing that drives most players away from getting a Selmer is the price.

Enter the Selmer Axos line!

The Axos saxophones are made by SeleS, a Selmer company that makes saxophones at various budget points. It combines the acoustic design of the Series II & Series III horns for a rich and responsive instrument. The Axos is manufactured in China and then assembled, inspected, and playtested back in France. These saxophones provide playing comfort with their specially adapted keywork as well as outstanding mechanical reliability. With a Selmer Axos, you’ll get the iconic Selmer Paris sound at a fraction of the cost.


You decide!

Watch our comparison video of these two beautiful alto saxophones by saxophonist Daniel Chia:


In short, we think that the Axos holds its own against the legendary Mark VI. It’s a great sax for players looking to get their first professional saxophone without breaking the bank and without any compromise on the world-renowned Selmer quality.

Not convinced? Visit our showroom to try a Selmer Axos alto! Our saxophone specialists will be happy to assist you in your sax search.

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Pradeep Mathur

Pradeep Mathur

April 05, 2024

I am learning playing Sax. Some one told me that Sax Selmer AXOS is good for all time, beginning to professional level. is it true?
What else you can suggest. I always like deep and dark voice. and mostly found of playing Indian Old Hindi Songs.
What other brands are equivalent to Selmer.

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