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Music Elements is proud to carry Japan’s famed ISHIMORI Wind Instrument saxophones and saxophone products.

ISHMORI's WoodStone “New Vintage” saxophone is the most outstanding modern saxophone that has successfully captured the essence of the renowned French saxophone brand in the market today. The comfortable key angles and action, tonal depth, and timbre are the closest a modern saxophone manufacturer has come close to recreating the famed vintage made famous by saxophone greats yesterday and today.

On YouTube, internationally acclaimed saxophonist David Sanborn tests and adorns the New Vintage alto with adjectives like “incredibly even all over the horn, very well balanced, in tune all the way up to the top…it feels great, it’s very liquid, and it’s very expressive.”

Available with a wide variety of finishes, from antique to gold plate options, the New Vintage was designed to reminisce the vintage saxophone’s resonance and response. The saxophone is accessorized with WoodStone neck and lyre screw sets, thumb hook, newly developed body rings, adjustable G# key rod, among many features. The New Vintage emboldens “the sound” of the vintage saxophone with today’s technology and impeccable Japanese workmanship, and careful refinement.

ISHIMORI has also designed the Wood Stone “New Vintage” tenor where “the fusion of tradition and solution is finally completed.” The company has likewise done the same for the New Vintage soprano saxophone.

Many famous saxophonists play the Wood Stone New Vintage, like Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangell, Kazuki Katsuta, Dave Koz, Bob Sheppard, Brandon Fields, Chris Hunter, and many others.

ISHIMORI Wind Instruments also offers an alto saxophone in collaboration with Yamaha, to bring the YAS-82ZWS (WoodStone). Combining the efforts from both saxophone makers, the highly precise construction and tonal quality impresses both the saxophonist and the listener. Bundled with two necks, a Wood Stone original, and a Yamaha E1 improved neck, the saxophonist can enjoy playing with different tonal timbres.

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