Repair Services

Whether you need a minor repair work done for your instrument or a complete overhaul service for a second hand instrument that you just bought, you can leave it in the safe hands of Music Elements’ repair technicians. If you are experiencing difficulty playing your instrument with air leak or sticky valve, your instrument is not in good working condition. Every great musician needs his or her equipment to be in the top condition so that they can perform at their best.

Bring your instrument in and our technicians will do a detailed diagnosis for you. We take pride in our repair work and we will send your instrument back in nothing less than its best possible working condition. However, if you are already aware of the problem with your instrument, you may also let us know and it will aid our technicians in meeting your expectations in the best and quickest way.



We provide complimentary instruments delivery and pick-up service for all institutions and organizations. You deserve the best service from us.



We offer special institution discounts for teachers, schools and universities. If you are a teacher, administrator or student from a local band, let us know!



Our Instruments Technicians are professionally trained and hold certificates from Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology, USA.

Integrity is the key value behind all our work. We use only professional commercial tools and proven methods in all our repair procedures. However, on a rare occasion that we do not meet your expectation, we are happy to take your instrument back for a second diagnosis (FREE of charge) within 30 days. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Instruments Technicians are certified, professionally trained and hold certificates from Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology (CIOMIT), Castlerock USA and have undergone specialized training with instrument manufacturers such as Michael Rath Trombones (UK) and Miraphone (Germany).

Please email to and we will schedule an appointment at your convenience. Alternatively, we can also provide a detailed quotation via email.