Trevor James Saxophones

Music Elements is proud to be the regional distributor for these fantastic saxophones.

Trevor James saxophones have been designed for a wide range of music learners, from young beginners to professional musicians with a manageable price range compared to other marques, and yet outshine them in many ways. 

The innovative Alphasax was redesigned for persons with a more petite build and smaller hand span with comfortable fingering, a modified mechanism, and tone hole positioning. The Alphasax uses the original TJ alto saxophone body tube for a beautiful sound but weighs 33% lighter than the average saxophone.

The TJ classic is a 3-time UK Music Industry Association Award winner, free blowing, fantastic quality, and remarkable affordability. These saxophones play with superb playability, dimension, and tone, challenging student models from other brands.

The intermediate to professional TJ saxophones plays with a different tonal colour and power, possessing impeccable manufacturing quality. They are available in different finishes, from gold frost and gold lacquer, to silver plate and black lacquer. These models include the ’88, the SR, and EVO saxophones.

The Signature Custom series saxophones have been designed for the sophistication required by the professional. Gathering feedback from professional saxophonists worldwide, this top-end model bare brass RAW and RAW XS has a vintage appearance but with a modern, broad spectrum of tonal colours and flexibility the demanding professional saxophonist needs. The gold lacquer finish is also available. These saxophones are endorsed by in-demand saxophonists like Andy Snitzer, Andy Sheppard, Kim Waters, Keff Kashiwa, and Steve Cole.

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