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Custom drums; world class cymbals. Pantheon Percussion makes some of the best and most exclusive custom drums: very proudly hand-made in Singapore. Our cymbals are designed in Singapore and hand-made by expert craftsmen in Istanbul, Turkey.

Every drummer has different acoustic requirements from their drums: different dynamic levels, genres and tones. Pantheon Percussion has created percussion products that have extraordinary expressive and dynamic power, allowing drummers of every skill level to play freely. Our drums and cymbals respond accurately to every nuance, from the softest ghost note to the most thunderous hit, giving you unbridled creative freedom.

Exquisite Shells
These drums are made from the finest drum shells and are renowned for their exceptionally expressive, punchy, and warm sound. Our woods are selected for their acoustic profiles, giving them even frequency distribution, sustain and attack.

Optimized for resonance
The construction of our premium shells allows for maximum resonance, delivering a drum tone that is full and clear across the entire dynamic range.

Deluxe finishes and hardware
Our drums are available in a variety of beautiful finishes, which will be updated from year to year. Custom finishes are available on request and will be finished by hand by our skilled craftsmen in Singapore (charged separately). Our hardware is selected for their classic looks and rugged construction, ensuring a life-time of reliable use.

Pantheon Percussion Cymbals
We set our hearts on creating a Singaporean brand of world-class cymbals that would be conceptualized in Singapore but handcrafted by our friends in Istanbul, Turkey. We wanted a Singaporean take on the famed Turkish cymbal: classic, musical, warm, powerful, pure, complex and durable.
We also wanted the cymbals to reflect the Singaporean soul: modern, progressive, and harmonious. This marriage of timeless tradition with Singaporean innovation gave birth to Pantheon Percussion Cymbals. Our cymbals are cast bronze cymbals crafted from the best Turkish B20+ alloy. Our master craftsmen cast, temper, roll, cut, hammer, and lathe the cymbals with expert skill and a keen eye for attention. Only perfection can emerge from the foundry.
Pantheon Percussion Cymbals: Designed in Singapore, expertly handcrafted in Istanbul.

Pantheon Percussion Practice Pads
These beautiful 8” practice pads are the perfect companion for your practice needs: affordable, portable, and low-maintenance. They also come in a custom-designed box in our signature British Racing Green. Ready to impress while supporting local?

Pantheon Percussion Practice Pad Stand
The perfect companion for our practice pads and sticks: our own practice pad stand. These stands allow our practice pad to be mounted conveniently without requiring a snare drum stand.

Pantheon Percussion Drumsticks
Our new drumsticks come in the ever popular 5A and 5B sizes, featuring the famed Pantheon script logo and first-rate construction. These sticks fit so many roles; from inexpensive first pair for students to durable workhorse for busy drummers, these sticks need a place in your stickbag.

Pantheon Acoustics
Part of the Pantheon family of brands, Pantheon Acoustics specializes in acoustic treatment solutions for indoor spaces. With products such as movable acoustic panels (also known as “Gobos” or “Go-betweens”) and wall-mounted acoustic panels, we have the ability to fabricate custom solutions for your space. Our in-house acoustic consultant will also be available on appointment for an assessment of your acoustic needs.


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