Demo of Grover Pro Tambourines - Hear the Difference!

Unsure of which tambourine to get? Check out this video of our Percussion Specialist Jeremy Ng testing out four of Grover Pro Percussion's amazing concert tambourines that we have in stock.

In order of appearance, there are:

  1. T2/HS - Custom dry 10" Double Row Hybrid Silver
  2. TS/BC-X - X-Series 10" Double Row Beryllium Copper
  3. TS/GS-X - X-Series 10" Double Row German Silver
  4. T2/HTSPH-B - Bantamweight 10" Double Row Custom Dry Silver/Phosphor Bronze

Check out our entire Grover Pro Percussion collection here.

The quest for a perfect concert tambourine is an arduous one. Tedium notwithstanding, experimenting with different sound textures, jingles, head choices, and the likes is crazy expensive.

Beat the decision paralysis. Come down to audition our selection as much as you like before making your purchase. If you require more help, our Percusssion team is always on hand to serve you, remotely or otherwise.

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