ME Clarinet Sale (18th to 25th July)

[ME Clarinet Sale] - 18th to 25th July

Enjoy 15% of all Selmer Paris 🇫🇷, Patricola 🇮🇹 and Yamaha 🇯🇵 Clarinets!
Shop from a range of entry models to premium professional models:
☑️ Selmer Paris Seles Presence Bb
☑️ Selmer Paris Privilege Bb
☑️ Patricola CL.2 Artista Bb
☑️ Patricola CL.2 Virtuoso Bb
☑️ Patricola CL.1 Artista Eb
☑️ Yamaha Student, Professional & Custom Clarinets

Plus 15% off all Ishimori Woodstone 🇯🇵, Silverstein 🇺🇸 and Vandoren 🇫🇷 Clarinet Ligatures!

Looking forward to catch all clarinet enthusiasts!

*This promotion is exclusive to our retail showroom only and does not apply to our online store.

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