Yamaha - YSL-448GE - Intermediate Bb/F Tenor Trombone

The YSL-446G is medium large bore models for versatility in almost any playing situation, while the YSL-448G offer a large orchestral bore for powerful sound projection. The YSL-446G and 448G feature Yamaha’s original wrap for the F-attachment for an open, free-blowing response.


Model YSL-446G YSL-448G
Key Bb/F Bb/F
Bell Material Gold brass Gold brass
Bell Diameter 214.4mm (8 1/2") 214.4mm (8 1/2")
Bore Size ML: 13.34mm (0.525") L: 13.89mm (0.547")
Outer Slide Nickel silver Nickel silver
Inner Slide Nickel silver Nickel silver
Finish Gold lacquer Gold lacquer
Mouthpiece SL-48S SL-48L
Case Included Included

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