Yamaha - YM-5100A - Rosewood Marimba (5-Octave)

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YM-5100A incorporates all the lessons we have learned from the greatest players in perfecting our YM-6100 Concert Grand Marimba. Featuring the finest in traditional craftsmanship and the very latest in materials technology, all give you a rich, glowing tone and perfect intonation.

Please refer to table below for specs.


Height adjustment

The unique compressed gas spring support system allows quick and easy height adjustment by a single person. This is especially useful in schools or ensambles where more than one musician will use the same instrument.


The frames have been superbly crafted of beautiful natural-finish wood and strong lightweight metal. They are designed to make transport as easy as a possible and can be quicjly dismantled and reassembled. The 'one-piece design resonators fold in the middle for easy packing or assembly. And the streamlined end pieces with 4 (100mm) castrs permit smooth maneuvering through doorways.


Range C-c4, 5 octaves
Bar Material Rosewood
Bar Width 41-72mm
Bar Thickness 20-24mm
Resonator Helmholz (C-F), Round cornered rectangle (F#-A#)
Pitch A=442Hz *Other pitches are available by special order.
Dimensions 261 x 103 x 86-101cm
Weight 96kg

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