Yamaha - YHR-891D - Handmade Custom Triple French Horn (with Detachable Bell)

The handmade 891/892 triple horns offer a combination of the rich beautiful sound of a full double French horn, coupled with the sure attacks and control of a descant horn; the problems of intonation and response usually associated with triple horns have been completely eliminated.

Yamaha’s patented long rotor and dual plane valves, along with an ingenious tubing configuration, create a unique new shape and size for these horns. And the comfortable balance of their well thought-out designs make these traditionally unwieldy instruments easy to hold and play. The 891 is an F/Bb/high F triple horn and the 892 incorporates an A plus stop valve.


Model YHR-891 YHR-892
Key F/Bb/high F F/Bb (A+)/high F
Body Yellow brass (Gold brass, nickel silver available) Yellow brass (Gold brass, nickel silver available)
Bell Size MS (ML available) MS (ML available)
Bell Type Fixed (Detachable available) Fixed (Detachable available)
Bore Size 12mm (0.472") 12mm (0.472")
Valves 5 6
Valve Rotors Hollow (Solid available) Hollow (Solid available)
Lever Action Mechanical (String available) Mechanical (String available)
Finish Unlacquer (Lacquer available) Unlacquer (Lacquer available)
Mouthpiece HR-30C4 HR-30C4
Case Included Included

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