Yamaha - YHR-671D - Professional Double French Horn (with Detachable Bell)

It is a traditional Geyer style horn that shares the basic YHR-871 design. It offers the clear tone, deep resonance, and overall performance of a high-end instrument while being easy to play.

Please refer to table below for specs


Wrap Style and Bell

An orthodox Geyer style wrap is used with a medium size bell and relatively thick rim wire. The tone is rich and deep with a solid core.


A new leadpipe design in gold brass contributes to consistent tone and resistance throughout the instrument’s range. 

Tuning Slide and Valve Casing

The main tuning slide has a rounded shape that improves playing feel. The valve casing is made of Nickel silver, enhancing both the instrument’s response and durability.

Adjustable 4th Rotor Thumb Lever

The 4th thumb lever can be adjusted for the most comfortable playing position.

Long Pull Ring

The Bb 2nd valve slide features a long pull ring that adds to overall playing convenience.


Models: YHR-671, YHR-671D, YHR-671GD

Model YHR-671 YHR-671D YHR-671GD
Key F/Bb F/Bb F/Bb
Body Yellow Brass Yellow Brass Gold Brass
Bell Type Fixed Detachable Detachable
Bore Size 12.0mm (0.472") 12.0mm (0.472") 12.0mm (0.472")
Valves 4 4 4
Valve Rotors Solid Solid Solid
Lever Action String String String
Finish Clear lacquer Clear lacquer Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece HR-32C4 HR-32C4 HR-32C4
Case Included Included Included

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