Yamaha - YFL-617 Professional Flute

Pictured on the left: YFL-677

Models Available

 Model Key
Split E
YFL-697 Ring In-line Included
YFL-687 Ring In-line
YFL-677 Ring Offset G Included
YFL-617 Covered Offset G Included

These flutes, meticulously hand-adjusted and test-played by experienced artisans, are more than just inexpensive versions of our professional flutes. It is very important for young students to be able to produce beautiful, flute-like tones as quickly and easily as possible. They are the flutes that will help beginners rapidly improve, while offering more advanced players excellent response and tonal qualities.

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Headjoint Type Am

Based on the Handmade Flute's Type A design, which offers a wider expressive range, the Type Am headjoint additionally offers easier response and excellent balance over the instrument's entire range, slightly heavier resistance, and a wide

Pinless left-hand key system (YFL-597, 597H, 697, 697H, 797, 797H only)

Utilizes the “pinless left-hand key system,” the ideal configuration for handmade flutes. This improves high F-F# key operation, and because there are no pins, maintenance is easier.

Pointed key arms

A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms. Found on handmade flutes, their beautiful designs are inspired by traditional European styling.

Key design

The keys are hand-assembled and meticulously balanced for a perfect touch. And the key shapes have been so exquisitely designed and ergonomically placed that the flute will almost 'disappear' in your hands. Performances will feel effortlessly natural.


All models are available with a B footjoint; add H to the model number when ordering. B footjoint model comes with a case and a case bag

Material Combination

All models are silver-plated


Drawn and Curled
Walls are drawn upward from the body material, giving the flute a broad, light sound.

Key Type

Covered (or Plateau) keys are easy to use. The pad cup is covered so it will seal the tonehole any time the key is closed. This is common with beginners or others who may not always press the center of the key.

Many advanced players prefer the open feel of Ring keys for subtle control of their tone. Intermediate and Standard model French system flutes come with key plugs to seal the hole until players have become adept at covering the holes with their fingers.

Key System

Many players find the Offset G configuration easier to play. Often teachers recommend that beginners start on these flutes, while more and more advanced players are also choosing this natural feeling configuration. 

Many advanced students and professionals, though, still prefer the traditional In-line formation where all the toneholes are in a straight row.

Split E Mechanism

This key helps give more stability and better centered intonation to the high E.


 B Footjoint

 C Footjoint

The B footjoint has an extra key enabling the player to play 1/2 step lower than the lowest note of the C foot. It also affects the sound; B footjoint enables a darker, stronger sound with good projection, while C footjoint has flexible, warmer tone.

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