Yamaha - YCB-822 - Custom C Tuba

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The 822 can be heard in many leading orchestras, and with its comfortable playability is also favored by quintet players who prefer a big full sound in their ensembles.

Please refer to table below for specs


Fifth valve slide

A fifth valve slide extension supplied with the YCB-822/822S allows you to change between "longer whole step down" or "two whole steps down".


Model YCB-822 YCB-822S
Key C C
Bell Material Yellow brass Yellow brass
Bell Diameter 500mm (19 5/8") 500mm (19 5/8")
Bore Size 19.5mm (0.768") 19.5mm (0.768")
Height 943mm 943mm
Valves 4 front pistons + 1 rotary 4 front pistons + 1 rotary
Finish Clear lacquer Silver-plated
Mouthpiece BB-67C4 BB-67C4
Case Included Included

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