Yamaha - YBS-62S - Professional Baritone Saxophone

Players around the globe know Yamaha’s baritone saxophones for their outstanding sound. Yamaha has refreshed the traditional image of these instruments with powerful, yet delicate tone and exceptional playability.

Please refer to table below for specs


Octave mechanism

Yamaha baritone saxophones feature a specially designed octave mechanism for ease of play and smooth octave transitions.


Durable hard case is included.


  YBS-62 YBS-62S
Key Bb Bb
Bell Type One-piece One-piece
Bell Decor Hand engraved Hand engraved
Key Buttons Mother of pearl Mother of pearl
Auxiliary Keys High F#, Low A, Front F High F#, Low A, Front F
Thumb Hook Adjustable Adjustable
Finish Gold lacquer Silver-plated
Neck 62 style 62 style
Mouthpiece 5C 5C
Case Included Included

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