Yamaha - YBS-480 - Intermediate Baritone Saxophone

Players around the world know Yamaha baritone saxophones for their outstanding sound. In the YBS-480 Yamaha refreshes the traditional image of these instruments with powerful yet delicate tone and exceptional playability. The bell configuration and key layout have been revised for more comfortable hold and stable pitch that will be an advantage for first-time baritone sax players.

New Bell Design

A newly designed short two-piece bell helps to deliver more consistent tone and stable low-range pitch.

New Peg Receiver

In addition to the use of lightweight keys and new support components, overall balance has been refined for more natural, stress-free hand positioning and smoother playability.

New Peg Receiver

A new lightweight floor peg receiver improves weight distribution and handling.


YBS-480 YBS-480S
Key Eb Eb
Bell Type Two-pieces Two-pieces
Decoration - -
Keys Key Buttons Polyester Polyester
Auxiliary Keys Low A, Front F Low A, Front F
Thumb Hook Adjustable Adjustable
Finish Gold lacquer Silver-plated
Neck 62 style 62 style
Floor Peg Floor Peg Not included Not included
Peg Hole Yes Yes
Mouthpiece 5C 5C
Case Included Included

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