Yamaha - YBH-831 - Neo Baritone

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This is the first Yamaha Baritone to feature a 3-valve compensating system, and is another example of how advanced Yamaha technology and ideas come together to deliver the sound and playability artists desire. While retaining the traditional Baritone configuration, the YBH-831 includes refinements that are invisible to the eye but make a significant difference in performance.

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Compensating system

The 3-valve compensating system is a traditional baritone type with an original tubing configuration for improved pitch compensation. By allowing breath to flow through the bypass tubes of valves that are pressed simultaneously with the third valve, pitch accuracy in the mid to low range is markedly improved. You can play in the normal way, without using a trigger or alternate fingerings, making it easier to concentrate on the music.

Original taper and large bell

The original main tube taper and large bell add clarity and projection to a deep, magnificent baritone timbre that won’t get lost in powerful tutti passages.


In addition to featuring a new design that offers ideal playing resistance, the leadpipe is not soldered to the bell so that the full, natural resonance of the instrument is available for superior expressive capability.

Enhanced playing comfort

Slim valve casings and a hand rest mounted parallel to the valves contribute to a natural, stress-free hand position, while lightweight pistons make the action quick and agile.


The supplied Neo case features a nameplate and shoulder pad for convenient carrying.


Model YBH-831S YBH-831
Key Bb Bb
Yellow brass Yellow brass
Bell Diameter 240mm (9 3/5") 240mm (9 3/5")
Bore Size 13.2-14mm (0.52-0.551") 13.2-14mm (0.52-0.551")
Height 598mm 598mm

3 top pistons, compensating

3 top pistons, compensating
Finish Silver-plated Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece SL-48S SL-48S
Case Included Included

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