Yamaha - YBB-841G - Custom BBb Tuba

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The 841 features a traditional German rotary tuba configuration with its long leadpipe and large bore size. It offers a warm deep sound with an abundance of tonal colors, and excellent intonation.

Please refer to table below for specs



The gold-brass leadpipe provided with the 841G contributes to a soft, warm tone, while the 841 has a nickel-silver leadpipe for outstanding clarity and definition.

Tuning slide

A rounded tuning slide configuration expands and enhances the fortissimo range.


Model YBB-841 YBB-841G
Key Bb Bb
Bell Material Yellow brass Gold brass
Bell Diameter 450mm (17 3/4") 450mm (17 3/4")
Bore Size 20.7mm (0.815") 20.7mm (0.815")
Height 1018mm 1018mm
Valves 4 rotary 4 rotary
Finish Clear lacquer Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece BB-67C4 BB-67C4
Case Included Included

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