Yamaha - YBB-321S - Intermediate BBb Tuba

The YBB-321/321S is an excellent choice for those who demand a high quality BBb tuba sound, yet must consider their budget. It features a strong warm tone, and is easy to play, with accurate intonation.


Model YBB-321 YBB-321S
Key Bb Bb
Bell Material Yellow brass Yellow brass
Bell Diameter 443mm (17 1/2") 443mm (17 1/2")
Bore Size 18.5-19.5mm (0.728-0.768") 18.5-19.5mm (0.728-0.768")
Height 1018mm 1018mm
Valves 4 top pistons 4 top pistons
Finish Clear lacquer Silver-plated
Mouthpiece BB-67C4 BB-67C4
Case Included Included

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