Yamaha - YAH-803 - Neo Alto (Tenor) Horn

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The new standard in brass band instruments

We analyzed and re-evaluated every part and component to create an instrument that delivers richer resonance and more expressive depth. It produces a graceful tone that enhances the tenor horn’s presence while delivering the tone color, volume, resistance, and accurate pitch that brass band performers and soloists demand in an instrument.

Please refer to table below for specs



The two-piece yellow brass bell features a larger diameter to deliver a wider dynamic range.

First branch taper

The first branch features a new design that offers improved pitch and greater tone colour. The main tuning slide is designed with a new taper and wider bow that produces greater tone colour, a freer feel, more accurate pitch, and greater dynamic range.


A heavier valve casing design produces a richer, more authoritative tone.

Mouthpiece receiver & brace

The mouthpiece receiver and brace design produces a moderate amount of resistance and thicker sound when playing, delivering greater projection and expressiveness.


Hard case AHC-803 with strap.


Model YAH-803S YAH-803
Key Eb Eb
Yellow brass Yellow brass
Bell Diameter 210mm (8 1/4”) 210mm (8 1/4”)
Bore Size 11.9mm (0.469") 11.9mm (0.469")
Height 521mm 521mm
Valves 3 top pistons 3 top pistons
Finish Silver-plated Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece AH-38D4 AH-38D4
Case Included Included

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