Yamaha - Standard Short Shank Cornet Mouthpieces

Model No. Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat
CR-7D4dS 16.24 4.10 Small inner rim diameter, flat and wide for extended endurance. Bright, round tone. Outstanding high tones.
CR-8D2S 16.36 4.10 Small inner rim diameter with a relatively deep cup. Soft yet lyrical tone that is excellent for playing in the high range.
CR-9ES 16.44 4.50 Appealing "British-style" soft tone. Medium rim and deep cup for easy playability over a wide range.
CR-11C4S 16.46 3.65 Easy high register. Ideal for beginners. Same rim and cup configuration as the 11C4 trumpet model.
CR-11E4S 16.46 4.20 The standard British-style cornet mouthpiece. Exceptionally flexible for a wide range of styles.
CR-13E4S 16.70 4.50 Slightly larger inner rim diameter than the 11E4 for a richer, heavier tone. Deep “V” cup delivers traditional soft cornet tone.
CR-14ES 16.86 3.98 Slightly smaller inner rim diameter than the 16E. Beautiful soft tone. Centered tone and outstanding stability over the instrument's full range.
CR-16ES 17.06 3.98 Popular with top British players. Unique configuration with a fairly thin rim facilitates advanced playing techniques.

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