Yamaha - Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpieces

Standard Series

Produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, Yamaha's Standard Series mouthpieces feature unmatched precision, smooth attack, secure control, and easy playability.

They have the ideal weight for all-around usage and are available in over 100 configurations. There’s a Yamaha mouthpiece to suit every player.


Model Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat (mm) Characteristics
TR-5A4 15.90 3.65 Extremely small inner rim diameter. Flat and wide. Small cup volume. Ideal for lead trumpet.
TR-6A4a 15.90 3.65 Very shallow cup for easy high notes. Good for big-band type lead trumpet.
TR-7A4 16.24 3.65 Relatively small inner rim diameter, but still flexible. Perfect for piccolo or lead trumpet.
TR-7B4 16.08 3.72 Relatively large throat diameter with a sharp shoulder. Bright sound with easy high notes.
TR-8C4 16.19 3.65 Good for all-around playing, including solos. Combines an extended high range with rich lows.
TR-9C4 16.28 3.65 Somewhere between the 8C4 and 11C4, affording easy playability over a wide range. Well-defined rim bite for easy blowing and extended endurance.
TR-11A4 16.46 3.65 Medium rim diameter with a shallow cup for easy high notes. Ideal for piccolo trumpet and jazz idioms.
TR-11A5 16.38 3.65 Wide rim shallow cup with a slightly large back bore delivers a rich upper range with ease. Well-suited for piccolo trumpet.
TR-11B4 16.46 3.65 A somewhat shallow cup and medium rim for extra endurance. Brilliant tone. Suitable for D, Eb, and piccolo trumpets.
TR-11 16.32 3.72 Relatively large throat with a sharp shoulder. Easy to play over the entire range, with a fairly bright sound. Good for beginners.
TR-11C4 16.46 3.65 Clean bite and well-balanced rim for all-around playing. Standard model for beginners and advanced players.
TR-13A4a 16.20 3.65 Relatively flat rim with a shallow cup for fast response. Ideal for piccolo and lead trumpet.
TR-13B4 16.63 3.65 Superb clarity for large ensembles and orchestras. Well-matched to C trumpets. Powerful sound.
TR-13C4 16.50 3.65 Medium rim diameter and cup volume for allaround playing. Good for ensembles and orchestras. Fairly dark sound.
TR-14A4a 16.68 3.65 Fast-response high range and powerful sound. Ideal for piccolo or lead trumpet.
TR-14B4 16.85 3.65 Relatively large rim diameter and shallow cup. Outstanding overall balance for all musical genres.
TR-14C4 16.88 3.65 Rim designed for outstanding facility and flexibility. Popular in ensembles and orchestras. Can produce high volume.
TR-14D4 16.80 3.65 A fairly deep cup with a medium rim. Rich, somewhat dark tone. Well suited to orchestral playing.
TR-14E4 16.84 3.88 The 14B4 rim with a unique cup for a soft tone. For rotary trumpets. Large backbore and throat.
TR-15B4 16.96 3.65 Fairly large rim diameter with a shallower cup than the 15C4. Outstanding flexibility. Suits Bb, C, D, and Eb trumpets.
TR-15C4 16.98 3.65 Clean rim bite with a standard U-shaped cup. Bright, powerful tone. For advanced players.
TR-15E4 16.92 3.88 Rim designed for outstanding facility and flexibility. For rotary trumpets. Between the 14E4 and 16E4 in size.
TR-16C4 17.00 3.65 Large rim and medium cup for easy playability over a wide range. High volume. Excellent for symphony orchestra players.
TR-16D 17.14 3.65 A deeper cup than the 16C4. Soft tone. Mellow-but-solid sound that is ideal for orchestras.
TR-16E4 17.14 3.88 The 16C4 rim with a unique deep cup. Heavy tone. For rotary trumpets. Maximum inner rim diameter.
TR-17B4 17.30 3.65 A good combination of large rim and relatively shallow cup. Powerful sound. A good choice for orchestra first-chair players.
TR-17C4 17.30
3.65 Deeper cup than the 17B4. Powerful, dark sound. A popular choice with symphony orchestra players.
TR-17D4 17.30 3.65 An even deeper cup than the 17C4 for an exceptionally dark, heavy tone. Good for symphony orchestra players who prefer a mellow sound.
TR-18C4 17.42 3.65 High volume with an exceptionally large inner rim diameter and deep cup. For advanced orchestra players.


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