Yamaha - Standard Series French Horn Mouthpieces

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Model No. Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat
HR-28B 16.87 3.90 Ideal for Bb/HF horns. Smallest “V” cup in the line, but with a soft, mellow tone.
HR-29B 17.07 3.90 Fairly thick rim with a relatively small inner diameter for superior high tone. Medium throat for easy all-around playing.
HR-29C4 17.08 3.98 Ideal for Bb/HF horns. Relatively sharp shoulder and medium throat for clear tone.
HR-29D4 16.88 4.50 Double-cup combining medium and extra-deep “V” cups. Fairly small inner diameter, but with a large throat for rich tone.
HR-30B 17.27 3.90 Standard “V” cup model with a larger inner rim diameter than the 29B. Smooth airflow. Ideally matches horns with a very narrow bell.
HR-30C4 17.28 3.98 Medium inner rim diameter and “U” cup for fast response. Standard type with ideal resistance and powerful, rich tone.
HR-30D4 17.08 4.50 Exceptionally rich tone. Matches horns with a wide bell. Excellent stability on high notes.
HR-31B 17.47 3.90 Medium inner rim diameter with a “V” cup for a “traditional” soft horn tone. High volume over a wide range. A good match for horns with a narrow bell.
HR-31D4 17.28 4.50 Heavy tone and high volume. Relatively flat rim of medium thickness for easy playability.
HR-32B 17.67 3.90 Large inner rim diameter for outstanding lownote tone. Largest “V” cup in the lineup. Rich, mellow tone.
HR-32C4 17.48 3.98 Plenty of volume. Relatively flat rim of medium thickness for easy playability.
HR-32D4 17.48 4.50 Largest double-cup in the lineup. Also ideal for Wagnerian tuba. Large cup volume for a dark, heavy sound and easy low notes.
HR-33B 17.87 3.90 “V” cup with rich and mellow tone.
HR-33C4 17.68 3.98 Large “U” cup. Can deliver a big, expansive sound. For advanced players.
HR-34B 18.07 3.90 Largest “V” cup in the lineup. Happy sound and low notes. For advanced players.
HR-34C 17.81 4.09 Plenty of volume. U cup for powerful performance. Relatively thin rim for easier high notes.
HR-34C4 17.88 3.98 Plenty of volume. “U” cup for powerful performance.
HR-35C4 18.08 3.98 Largest “U” cup in the lineup. Can deliver a heavy sound. Suitable for large orchestras.

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