Yamaha - Small Shank Trombone Mouthpieces

Model No. Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat
SL-45AS 24.26 5.85 Small inner rim diameter with an extremely shallow cup for brilliant tone. Easy high notes. Ideal for bass trumpet.
SL-45C2S 24.26 5.85 Small inner rim diameter with a clean bite. Easy playability with a bright tone. Popular with studio players.
SL-46BS 24.58 5.85 Shallower cup than the 46C2. Outstanding high register. Fairly sharp shoulder. Brilliant tone.
SL-46C2S 24.59 5.85 Relatively large inner rim diameter. A good choice for advanced jazz players. Ideal for demanding professional studio applications.
SL-47S 24.98 5.85 Outstanding endurance. Rich tone suitable for ensembles and orchestras.
SL-48AS 25.25 5.32 The 48 rim combined with a very shallow cup. For alto trombones. Bright tone with good volume. Ideal for baroque compositions.
SL-48DS 25.25 6.62 Same rim as the 48 with a relatively deep cup. Rich lower register with a rich, soft tone. Also ideal for euphonium.
SL-48S 25.25 6.62 Well-balanced rim and cup for all-around playing. Refined design meets the needs of professional players.
SL-51BS 25.23 6.92 The 51 rim with a relatively shallow cup. Powerful sound. Popular with ensemble and orchestra euphonium players.
SL-51S 25.23 6.92 Relatively large inner rim diameter with large cup volume for a dark sound. Standard euphonium model with a beautiful rich tone.
SL-51C4S 25.23 6.92 Shallower cup than the 51. Plenty of volume and power. Solid tone throughout the instrument's range. Ideal for symphony orchestra playing.
EP-51DS 25.24 7.11 An even deeper cup than the 51 for a heavy, rich tone. Specifically for euphonium. Ideal for advanced players who prefer a dark sound.
SL-52S 25.65 7.11 Larger inner rim diameter and cup than the 51. Heavy tone. For advanced players.

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