Wenger - Large Music Stand Cart

Durable and mobile

Move music stands from rehearsal room to performance stage and back again with ease. Simplifies setup and safeguards your Wenger music stands.


  • Holds 18 Bravoâ„¢, 20 RoughNeckâ„¢, 20 Classic 50® or up to 24 Preface® Music Stands
  • Loads and unloads quickly from both sides
  • Large center wheels, smaller outside wheels deliver a smooth ride up ramps, around corners and over thresholds
  • Dual-wheel design and easy-grip handles increase control around corners and going up and down stairs
  • Easy-grip handle for increased comfort, as well as better control and improved overall maneuverability
  • Accommodates stands from most other manufacturers
  • Easy for one person to handle


  • 27.5" x 68" fully loaded footprint
  • 38 lbs

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