Trevor James - Mopane Piccolo

The beautiful Trevor James Mopane model piccolo

Experience the captivating beauty and exceptional performance of the TJ Mopane wood piccolo.

This exquisite addition to our flute family features a meticulously crafted Mopane wood body and a headjoint with an embouchure specially 'Voiced' by renowned English maker Andrew Oxley which ensures optimal response and tonal expression, giving you the freedom to explore the full sonic potential of this exceptional instrument.

The TJ Mopane wood piccolo has been designed with a focus on effortless playability and exceptional sound production. Whether you're a seasoned piccolo player or exploring the instrument for the first time, this instrument offers a seamless transition and a delightful playing experience. The well-rounded tone of the TJ rosewood piccolo allows for clear and distinct notes, providing a beautiful


  • Mopane wood headjoint
  • Mopane wood body tube
  • Reformed or tradional embouchure hole options
  • Reformed or standard embouchure hole hand cut by English maker Andrew Oxley
  • Silver-plated mechanism
  • A=442 pitch
  • Cherrywood case
  • Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap

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