Trevor James - Series 8 Bb Clarinet

The original TJ Clarinet student has undergone a radical redesign. This new Series 8 Bb model features a high level of focus on intonation, ease of playing, use of precision CNC manufacture, high quality materials, polishing, plating, padding and build.

Pitch : 440/442h
Body : ABS resin with wood grain effect
Bore size : 14.65mm
Tone holes : Undercut
Keys : Silver Plated Boehm 17 keys 6 rings
Springs : Blue steel needle
Key dampers : Black felt
Pads : White premium quality leather covered with cork register pad
Thumb rest : Adjustable with cork pad and positional locking feature
Barrels : 65mm and 64mm
Case : Cordura compact backpack style with shoulder strap
Accessories : New design TJ mouthpiece, single screw ligature, cap, good quality reed and cloth pull-through

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