Torpedo Bag - Classic Trumpet Bag

Get your hands on this gorgeous marbled-leather case that actually gets more stunning with age.

This product is a package deal with the music pouch and mute bag – no customizations.


  • Up to 3 inches of foam on all sides of your trumpet.
  • Nearly indestructible design.


  • Made from our World Famous, “Thick as a Horseshoe” LOREDO™ Leather.
  • Huge #10 YKK main zippers.
  • Industry-leading ITW Nexus clips.
  • Metal Hardware.


  • One Trumpet.
  • Any and all needed mutes with the Mute Bag.
  • Room for an Arban Method and more in the Music Pouch.
  • Mouthpiece lid pocket for additional storage.


  • Mute Bag, Music Pouch, Shoulder Strap, Interior Lid Pocket — Package deal, no customizations.


  • This case is sturdy on the floor, leaving an 8 inch footprint, and makes a GREAT trumpet stand on set breaks.
  • At less than 8 pounds, the LOREDOâ„¢ offers unrivaled protection in a light weight package.


  • 8 pounds (3.5 kilos), 23 inches tall, 8.5 inch diameter (58 cm x 21.5 cm). Flies well:

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