THEO WANNE - NARAYAN Alto Saxophone (Vintified w/ Gold Lacquer Keys)

The NARAYAN is freedom in the form of an alto saxophone!  It is designed to feel flexible, agile, and free.

Narayan: The God Narayan represents the source of all creation in Hinduism.   Everything in this world comes from him.   The Narayan Saxophone is designed to be such a significant and meaningful saxophone.

Three ring strap hook:    Theo Wanne’s proprietary three-ring strap hook allows the neck-strap to be connected at different locations, so the saxophone can tilt at the appropriate playing angle while sitting down or standing up.

Three Point Bell to Body Brace:   Theo Wanne’s proprietary three point bell-to-body brace has three fully captured points of contact with the body. It is far stronger than a traditional brace while allowing for previously unheard of vibratory freedom.

Neck:   Comes with our proprietary titanium alloy neck with unique taper which creates a huge sound, easy altissimo and improved intonation.

Finish:  The Narayan alto has our Blue-Vintified™ body and gold lacquer keys.  The Blue-Vintified™ finish is a chemically activated patina which duplicates the natural affects of long term tarnishing, similar to what is seen on vintage brass and bronze lamps and antiques.  The tarnish does not penetrate deeper into the brass, making it a good long term finish.  The patina enhances the horns naturally warm vintage sound, while allowing completely free resonance.  No special care is needed, and the horn may be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth.  It is normal for the finish to wear and show brass in areas of contact, this does not hurt the finish.

The NARAYAN has many other innovations, which we keep confidential.  However their benefit becomes obvious once you try the horn yourself!


  • LIGHT, FREE & FLEXIBLE sounding.   Can sound like a vintage Selmer, but will take more air, vibrates freer and has a LOT more projection.
  • Perfect for all types of music!


  • Based off of vintage saxophone phonics, and updated with modern technology.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces and saxophones.


  • Finish: Blue-Vintifiedâ„¢ Finish with Gold Lacquer Keys.
  • Set-Up: Premium Pads and metal domed resonators.
  • Brace: Three point bell-to-body brace.
  • Reticulated Interior: Creates Boundary-Layer-Effect.
  • Titanium Neck Tube: Sonically superior, effortless altissimo, great intonation.

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