Takeda - Model 3 (Professional) Bassoon

Model 3 (Professional) which has further pursued a warm sound, and is produced using an extremely high-quality wood chosen from among the maples naturally dried for 10 years, in addition to the standard equipment in ofModel 2 (Symphony). Furthermore, the tenor joint uses pure silver for tone holes and an excellent resonant sound has been realized.


  • Short Cut Model
  • Selected Mountain Maple, 10 Years Natural Dried
  • Striped Pattern
  • Silver Tube, Tenor Joint
  • Silver-Plated
  • 26 Keys, High D, Double Low C
  • Double Low-C Key Plate
  • High A Bridge to Whisper Key
  • 6 Rollers
  • Balance Hanger
  • Bocal
  • Case


  • Hand-Rest
  • Strap
  • Reed Case
  • 2 Swabs, For Tenor Joint and Double Joint
  • Cloth
  • Cork Grease

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