Takeda - Contrabassoon

Takeda Bassoon is the first bassoon maker in Japan to have succeeded in developing the contrabassoon. The key design has been set up so that it responds to the needs of performers with small hands as well, and all of the keys are silver-plated, and it comes with a tuning slide for 440-443 Hz range. It is particularly worth noting that the bell angle can be adjusted in three directions. It is suitable for various stage positions in orchestras, chamber music, and wind-instrument music, and carries its sound straight to the audience. It has adopted a bell which can be adjusted to 3 directions, and is suitable for various stage positions.


  • Mountain Maple, 10 Years Natural Dried
  • Striped Pattern
  • Silver-Plated
  • Extend to Contra Bâ™­
  • Double Eâ™­ Key with Tuning Slide, 440-443 Hz
  • 12 Rollers ( Low-Bâ™­ / B / C / C♯ / D / D♯ / E (Two Parts) / Bâ™­ / F / F♯ / Aâ™­ )
  • 3 Way Adjustable Bell
  • Movable Stand Pin
  • Bocal
  • Hard case with caster


  • Hand-Rest
  • Reed Case
  • Cloth
  • Cork Grease

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