Stomvi - Titán SEIS Bb/F Double Gold Brass French Horns (Geyer System)

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  • Bore: 12.1mm/0.476" 
  • Bell diameter: 309mm 12 1/6"
  • Geyer System
  • Body material: Yellow brass
  • Bell material: Gold brass
  • Tubes material: Nickel Silver
  • Valve casing: Yellow Brass
  • Solid valves
  • Adjustable finger hook

The Gold brass bell produces a round and balanced sound, with a good projection. It would be the middle ground between Bellflex and copper.

The Geyer style French horns have a more direct air flow because of the soft curvature of the tubes, producing a great freedom feeling when you blow, especially when you play in the forte, with a nice wide sound that never breaks.

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