Stomvi - Titán Bellflex Bb Jazz Tenor Trombones

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  • Bb/F tenor trombone without valve
  • Bore: 0.500” / 12,7 mm
  • Bell diameter: 8” / 203 mm
  • Bell material: Bellflex 
  • Small shank leadpipe
  • Inner slide: Chromed nickel silver
  • Outer slide: brass
  • Finish: Lacquered, raw brass or Silver plated
  • Dual-radius tuning slide
  • Access to slide stopper with detachable system
  • Mouthpiece: Classic 6C 


With the aim of expanding our family of trombones and being able to cover the needs of the different musical fields, we have added to our catalogue a Bb trombone without valve and bore of 0.500” 

The characteristics of this trombone make it perfect for use in Jazz. Highlight the ease and comfort in the interpretation, the sound rich in nuances, with a very good tuning and performance. The inner slide, built in Nickel Silver chromed, and the lightweight exterior provides it with agility, speed and precision in use. 

The STOMVI TITAN JAZZ trombone bell is available in 2 materials: Bellflex, the option with a more directional sound, and copper, which provides a more peripheral sound. Both options can be combined with 3 different finishes: Lacquered, raw brass and Silver plated.

This trombone is also compatible with the MaxiClapper philosophy, a complement with external system tuned in G, which enriches the harmonic record of the instrument and facilitates the dynamics in the interpretation. 

The slide has removable bushings for an easy replacement of its inner stoppers. This system adds value since, unlike most trombones, it allows performing the maintenance without having to resort to qualified personnel.

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