Stomvi - Titán 4-Valve G Cornets

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  • Bore: ML
  • Bell: #18 (Bellflex or copper)
  • Bell diameter: 110 mm
  • Leadpipe: #8
  • 4th Valve Slide D
  • Trigger on 1st Slide
  • Titanium trim kit

There are two bell options:
- Bellflex: The brightest sound, most suited to orchestral and wind band use.
- Solid Copper: The warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited to the brass band and solo work.


In Stomvi, we have always been at the vanguard of the technical development of brass wind musical instruments and we have wanted to go further with a unique range of instruments: TITÁN FOUR VALVE EDITION.

TITÁN FOUR VALVE EDITION is a new vision of the concept of sound which makes wider the useful register of the trumpet with new solutions on fingering, tuning, transport, taking the concept of sound to another dimension and allowing to tackle repertoires that have been vetoed for this instrument up to now.

The Stomvi Titán G 4 valve edition cornet is very similar to a soprano voice, it has the lightness of a high instrument but also a big sound, ver different to the small instruments we are used to.

Fabio Brum recorded with it the first movement of the Bachiana Brasileira nº5, Cantilena.

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