Stomvi - Titán 4-Valve F Cornets

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  • Bore: L 
  • Bell: #20 Big Bell (Bellflex or Copper)
  • Bell diameter: 120 mm
  • Leadpipe: #9A
  • 4th Valve Slide C
  • Trigger on 1st Slide
  • Titanium trim kit

There are two bell options:
- Bellflex: The brightest sound, most suited to orchestral and wind band use.
- Solid Copper: The warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited to the brass band and solo work.


The Stomvi F 4 Valve Cornet is the first cornet in the world of that tonality.

Historically the F key has been much used with the Baroque trumpets, but over time and with the addition of rotary and valve systems, was gradually displaced by the new timbres and sound dimensions of Bb and C modern trumpets, and especially, by the new trumpet Piccolo, which has greatly facilitated the high register for trumpet players.

G and F modern trumpets have also been used more frequently in transcriptions of Baroque repertoires (not originally for trumpet).

With this F 4 valve Cornet we have a range of 3 octaves (from F3 to F6), we win dimension of sound, the warmth of the sound gives much more nobility to the timbre and to the character of the instrument. Comfort, balance and intonation are really fantastic.

This instrument is made for you to adapt to your needs as an artist and to your projects; as always, Mr Vicente Honorato and the STOMVI family open a new door.

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