Stomvi - Titán 4-Valve Eb/D Trumpets

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  • Bore: ML
  • Bell: #20 Big Bell (Bellflex or copper)
  • Bell diameter: 122 mm
  • Leadpipe: #20 Eb / #21 D
  • 4th Valve Slide Bb/A
  • Trigger on 1st Slide
  • Titanium trim kit

By changing the slides and the leadpipe, the Eb trumpet becomes a D trumpet


Due to the evolution of the repertoire, it was more and more required to develop and broaden the register of the trumpet, not only to play new concertos, but also to play arrangements of pieces originally written for other instruments. 

The fourth valve expands the register a fourth below the low F sharp. It also gives the possibility to use different fingerings that are of a big help to the performer in different occasions.

Furthermore, the fact that it has more mass and tubes, along with the XL bore, produces a huge sound that will never break, and is stable in all registers.

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