Stomvi - Titán 4-Valve A Trumpets

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  • Bore: XL
  • Bell: #30 (Bellflex or copper)
  • Bell diameter: 130 mm
  • Leadpipe: #1
  • 4th Valve Slide E
  • Trigger on 1st Slide
  • Titanium trim kit


The new Stomvi Titán A FOUR VALVE EDITION trumpet is a unique instrument with a deep and intense sound and a sweeping personality.

Based on the philosophy of the TITÁN FOUR VALVE EDITION series, it has all the qualities of the other tonalities, a new vision of the concept of sound which makes wider the useful register of the trumpet with new solutions on fingering, tuning and transport.

The tonality of A was popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in orchestral compositions (Bizet, Rimsky-Korsakov, Respighi ...), vaudeville music, etc. Even Arban used it for some of the famous variations of his method. It was popular due to fluctuations in tuning standards (430, 435 Hz.) that forced trumpeters to transport in complicated tones.

This instrument is ideal for playing Oskar Böhme's famous trumpet concert in its original tonality, with the possibility of developing the cadence in a wider register.

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