Silverstein - Omniguard Lip Protector


  • Lip protector for all wind musicians
  • Precision fit
  • Non-slip, secure positioning
  • Comfortable even when speaking
  • Magically customizable in just a few minutes
  • Braces compatible
  • Re-usable, re-moldable
  • For upper and lower teeth
  • Easily washable
  • Made with biomedical grade material
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent pending
  • Including an extra space film, tweezer and carrying case
  • Multi-lingual manual
  • Estimated product lifetime: 12 months
  • Dual pack available for double lip players

The Omniguard can be made thinner (down to 0.1mm)

  1. To make it thinner, melt with hot water.
  2. Put on a flat surface and press it to the thickness you want.
  3. Let it cool down and melt it again with hot water. 
  4. Mold on your teeth while the film touches teeth.
  5. If anything goes wrong, simply try again.

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