Selmer Paris - Low C Privilege Bass Clarinet

The Privilège bass clarinet combines strikingly easy blowing and a round, warm sound that has gained in homogeneity and power. Its versatility also enables real work on the sound imprint. Tuning is very much improved and balanced over all registers.

The overall ergonomics have evolved: easier keywork feels better under the fingers and allows a more natural and comfortable playing position. Its great responsiveness provides swiftness close to the B-flat and opens up a feeling of freedom. Numerous technical improvements equally enhance the functioning of the instrument.


Key: B-flat.
- 22 keys, articulated G sharp, E-flat lever + E-flat to the thumb, automatic octave key, Silver-plated nikel silver and brass keywork.
Upper and lower joints in grenadilla wood.
Silver-plated brass bell.
- upper joint: 23.5 mm
- lower joint: 23.4 mm
2 necks:
- Closed or open curve
Leather pads fitted with metal resonators.
Stainless steel needle springs.
3.6 kg.

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