Schagerl - Meisterinstrumente - Wunderhorn H Bass Trumpets

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New Bass Trumpet Model “WUNDERHORN”, developed and designed with the great LEONHARD PAUL from world famous brass group Mnozil Brass

Leonhard Paul (Mnozil Brass) about the instrument:
Since I have had it, there are no more dents, except those that are my fault. It has a sound that mixes with all brass instruments, harmoizes perfectly with a clarinet, fits together beautifully with strings and, as a bass instrument, for example with a harmonica, it is ideal.

The Wunderhorn comes in a classic model, and also an “upright” model – both with three valves. Sometimes I think the upright model has a better attack, to say nothing of the 180 degree view it gives you! During the development phase my dear friend Bertl Mütter joined us, and together he offered his own suggestions and we worked together through the final stages. So together, we hope that this new Schagerl child, the “Wunderhorn” will be aptly named. We look forward to the new time of the bass trumpet.


  • Tune: Bb
  • Bell: Gold brass
  • Bore: 14mm

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