Schagerl - Meisterinstrumente - Roman Empire Bb Trumpet (Gold Plated)

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This trumpet offers total flexibility in all ranges, as well as the ability to push the dynamic boundaries to their limits.

Roman Rindberger (Mnozil Brass) about his instrument:

“I am very pleased to be able to present the “Roman Empire”; my Schagerl Signature trumpet!

It was my wish to design an instrument that could meet all the expectations and challenges of my Mnozil Brass concerts.

That meant: total flexibility in all registers, as well the ability to make use of the full dynamic range in both directions.

Our creative energies were let loose by the design and development of the new Schagerl valve systems, now made completely in house at the Schagerl factory.

The centered, overtone rich sound offers each player a powerful spectrum, full of tonal possibilities.

Music making has never been so fun and limitless!”


  • Key: Bb
  • Bell: Yellow brass
  • Valve Section: ML
  • Leadpipe: Goldbrass

Video is in Spanish. Please turn on auto translate.

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