Schagerl - Meisterinstrumente - Fontana Tenor Bb/F Trombones

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This Schagerl trombone came about after a two-year search for an instrument with a lively tone, appropriate to an orchestra, yet light, centered and compact in fortissimi. It is also ideal for solo work.

In piano passages it is very gentle, and the tone is full and warm.

The F attachment is an original Schagerl valve with outstanding intonation and penetration. The distance that the valve has to travel is very short so that the valve is very quick and light. The slide is somewhat wider than normal, more like a bass trombone, making the sound compact and warm.

This trombone is a multifaceted instrument, it can also be a jazz horn. This horn has been tested by by many well-known trombonists and they were very enthusiastic.


  • Tune: Bb/F
  • Bell: Gold brass
  • Bore: 14 mm
  • Slide: 13.9 mm

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