PlayWood - Artist Series Model PRO-3100 Classical Series Timpani Mallets

Core core, bamboo shaft, high density German felt

  • PRO-3111: Staccatissimo, very hard, direct and percussive sound
  • PRO-3112: Staccato character with direct sound
  • PRO-3113: All-round, hard, clear sound
  • PRO-3114: All-round, like 3113, but with more volume
  • PRO-3115: Lighter sound, less direct in rhythmic clarity
  • PRO-3116: More centred and direct sound projection
  • PRO-3117: Nice roll-sticks for all dynamic levels, less suited for rhythmic clarity
  • PRO-3118: Nice for rolls including good articulation for romantic repertoire
  • PRO-3119: Nice roll-sticks with deep rhythmic quality
  • PRO-3121: Heavy-dark rolling stick, well suited for fat sounding single strokes
  • PRO-3122: Nice colourful roll, suited for voluminous passages
  • PRO-3123: Smooth, voluminous, and elegant stick with sound-filling quality
  • PRO-3123 Type-R: Smooth roll-stick with healthy body

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