Perantucci - Model PT-88 - BBb/CC Tuba Mouthpieces

The cup of the PT-88 is wider yet not quite as deep as that of the PT-50. The sound has great strength and depth combined with huge dynamics over a wide range. The middle and low register benefit from the cup volume. The high register is secure yet mellow sounding.


Cup Diameter (mm): 33.5 (Wide, deep cup.)
Rim (mm): 7 (Flat, well-defined inner edge.)
Bore (mm): 8.1
Resistance: Low-open blowing

Note on shanks

No indication: Large shank, for modern instruments with large receivers: (ø = 15.2 mm)
"S" models: For instruments with small receivers: (ø = 14.8 mm)
Standard large European shank is recommended for most mouthpieces.
The Perantucci S shank is recommended for instruments that have smaller receivers or those which have high resistance

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