Perantucci - Model PT-64 - F/Eb Tuba Mouthpieces

Model PT-64 provides fast response, a lively and exciting sound with a clear core and excellent projection. The tone has a commanding nature for solo performances.

It is a first choice or execution of high range orchestral literature. In it‘s fortieth year the Perantucci PT-64 is a milestone in history, one of the most popular F-tuba mouthpieces ever made.


Cup Diameter (mm): 32 (Moderately shallow cup, bowl shaped.)
Rim (mm): 8.5 (Rounded with well defined inner contact point.)
Bore (mm): 7.8

Note on shanks

No indication:  Large shank, for modern instruments with large receivers: (ø = 15.2 mm)
"S" models:   For intruments with small receivers: (ø = 14.8 mm)
Standard large European shank is recommended for most mouthpieces.
The Perantucci S shank is recommended for instruments that have smaller receivers or those which have high resistance

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