Pearl - S-930 Snare Drum Stand

Featuring award-winning Pearl exclusives like the Air Suspension Basket and Uni-Lock gearless tilter, the S930 is an ideal mounting solution for snare drums and tom toms alike.

Advanced drum hardware for high-impact gigging, the S930 Double Braced Snare Stand is a road-ready ally for any player's primary drum. Its sturdy tubing and die-cast tier joint keep snare drums in their place with serious stability. To deliver the superior tone, Pearl's Patented Air Suspension Rubber Basket Tips suspend drums from 10" to 14" by the bottom hoop, for a secure hold without overdue tension.

The S930's Uni-Lock Basket Tilter delivers smooth, gearless positioning, and like all members of the Award-Winning 930 Hardware family, its Trident Design Tripod base sports heavy duty double braced legs for balanced support in play. 


1. Uni-Lock Tilter

The Uni-Lock Tilter delivers smooth, gearless basket positioning.

2. Double Braced Legs

Pearl's Trident-Design Tripod features strong dual lateral bracing on each leg for reinforced support in play.

3. Air Suspension Rubber Tips

(U.S. Patent #6710236) Allows prized snares and toms (size 10" to 14",) to fully resonate with secure, air-cushioned grips.

4. Fully Adjustable

Minimum Height 18.11" Maximum Height 25.59"


  • HEIGHT: 450 - 670 mm (17.7" - 26.4")
  • BASKET: 10"-14” Drums
  • TILTER: Uni-Lock Gearless
  • ARMS TIPS: Air Suspension Rubber Tips (U.S.patent #6710236)
  • LEGS: Double Braced Trident Style Tripod
  • LEG TIPS: SureGrip Rubber Tips

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