Pearl - S-1030L Concert Snare Drum Stand

The S1030L Pearl Concert Snare Drum Stand is a height extended version of the S1030 stand and features single braced legs for a more lightweight option. Advancements such as Air Suspension Rubber Tips, Butterfly Nut basket adjustment, Trident Tripod base, and fully expandable basket not only put the drum where you want it, but help improve its sound as well. An absolute necessity for the professional symphonic drummer.


1. Gyro-Lock Tilter

The S1030L features Pearl’s 360 degree infinitely adjustable Gyro-Lock Tilter for ease-of-use and pinpoint positioning.

2. Adjustable Snare Basket

The Pearl S1030L Snare Stand adjusts to fit virtually any size concert snare from 10˝ to 16˝. Each arm has locking adjustment rails that can be tightened or loosened with a drum key. The arms are indexed for precise positioning.

3. Air Suspension Rubber Tips

Air Suspension Rubber Tips (U.S. Patent #6710236) allows prized snares and toms to fully resonate with secure, air-cushioned grips.

4. Butterfly Nut Basket Adjustment

After the basket arms are adjusted to the correct size to fit your snare, the butterfly nut can be tightened to securely cradle the drum.

5. Oversize Super Grip Rubber Feet

Large rubber feet provide a solid foundation for your stand and prevent unwanted movement.


  • HEIGHT: Taller Version of the S1030
  • BASKET: 10"-16” Drums
  • TILTER: Gyro-Lock
  • ARMS TIPS: Air Suspension Rubber Tips
  • LEGS: Double Braced Legs / Spike Feet Ready
  • LEG TIPS: Rubber

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