Pearl Flutes - PHN1-925 Silver Handcut Headjoint

This is our traditional headjoint and the origin of the Pearl sound. It combines a warm, rich tone with excellent projection. Moderate over and under-cutting complement its elegant and refined tone for smooth articulation and responsive performance.


Tube Taper

The headjoint tube is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Pearl hand-cut headjoint features the straight taper and curved taper, which affects the flow of air as well as the intonation of the flute.

*Straight taper - PHN-1/PHN-2
*Curved taper--- Vivo/Forte/Vivace/Calore

Variety of materials

Our Handmade headjoints are available in solid .925, .958, and .997 Pure Silver, best known for its sonorous sound and its wide tonal range as well as solid Gold in 3 different carats – 10K, 14K and 18K. As the carat level increases, the sound gets warmer and richer, and gold never tarnishes. Our craftsman can also arrange these different metals to customize a headjoint into many unique creations. Using gold as the headjoint riser or lip-plate can greatly enhance the projection, desired tonal quality and subtlety. We suggest a personal consultation with your nearest specialist Pearl Flute dealer so that they can work with you in selecting from an assortment of headjoint models and materials.

  • Straight Taper
    Embochure: Oval

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