Pearl Flutes - Maesta MS925RBE Handmade Professional Flute

The Maesta series is at the heart of the Pearl handmade flute range and enjoys an enviable reputation of widespread professional approval around the world by soloists, orchestral principals, conservatory professors, and international prizewinners. The Maesta gold flutes have wonderful rich overtones, with a wide dynamic range. They are available in the facile brilliance of 10K, the opulent rose gold elegance of 14K, and the unique warm sensuality of 18K gold. These gold preferences can also be employed for the keywork, embouchure riser and/or lip plate, rings and posts, or just the headjoint tube. They can be fashioned using traditional soldered tone holes or contemporary drawn tone holes.


.925 Silver Headjoint, Body, Footjoint and Keys, Drawn Tone Holes, In-line, E-mechanism.

Pearl’s exclusive mechanism

In 1972, Pearl’s innovative technicians created the patented One-Piece Core-Bar and Pinless Construction, and Pearl’s continually smooth key-action became a reality. Since that time, Pearl is still the only flute manufacturer to apply these features on every flute made.

The finest handmade precision

Nothing is automatic. Every operation is controlled by the eyes and hands of a skilled craftsman. The final assembly brings all the carefully crafted components together for the finest precision.

Toneholes – Soldered or Drawn?

Maesta models offer the choice of the highly accurate traditional Soldered tone holes and the finest contemporary style Drawn tone holes.

  • Sterling Silver(.925)Headjoint, Body, Footjoint, and Mechanism

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