Pearl Flutes - Dolce Series PF-695RBE Intermediate Flute

The Dolce series is built in the same spirit and attention to detail as the Elegante. The continued commitment to accuracy of pitch and flexible articulation is maintained. These beautiful instruments will allow more aspiring artists than ever the joy of owning and performing on a Pearl handmade flute.



Dolce model flutes are fully equipped for advanced players including as a standard configuration, the Forza headjoint enabling superior projection, increased dynamic spectrum, unrivalled clarity of articulation and dazzling rich tone. Largo headjoint option is also available for the Dolce Series which offers a traditional response, with a melodious and sweet character.


All Dolce models comes in an elegant wooden case

Pearl’s exclusive mechanism

In 1972, Pearl’s innovative technicians created the patented One-Piece Core-Bar and Pinless Construction, and Pearl’s continually smooth key-action became a reality. Since that time, Pearl is still the only flute manufacturer to apply these features on every flute made.


  • .925 Silver Headjoint
  • Silver plated Mecahnism, Body and Footjoint
  • Ring key style
  • B-foot
  • E-mechanism
  • Offset G-key

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