Paxman - Professional Model 33 Bb/F (A-+) Compensating Double French Horn

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The compensating double system predates the first full double horn, and is an ideal instrument for those players who mainly use the Bb horn, but still like to have the F side.

Paxman’s latest compensating double, the Model 33, was designed to meet the requirements of two of London’s top horn players, and has a single storey F/Bb change valve.

The advantages of this are increased responsiveness and a freer blowing horn as a result of less disruption to the airflow on both sides of the instrument. A stopping valve is standard on this instrument.


  • Merewether System
  • Available in Medium, Europa and Large sizes
  • Lacquered or unlacquered
  • Available in Yellow brass, Gold brass or Nickel Silver (by request) finishes
  • Mouthpipe guard
  • Mouthpipe water key
  • Single storey F/Bb change valve
  • Stopping valve as standard
  • Nickel silver valve casings
  • Brass rotors
  • Cord or Miniball lever action
  • Fixed or detachable bell
  • A=442 pitch as standard

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